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dare to be bold

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Bold Life Ministries is dedicated to bringing revival to churches all over America and around the world.

There is a hunger to see God’s mighty hand move along different denominations of the Christian faith. Bold Life Ministries’ aim is to train and equip the whole body of Christ, so that they can be effective in their communities and other parts of the city. All over the world people are losing homes and living without food to eat…

Bold Life Ministries’ mission is to feed those that are hungry and clothe those that are naked. We believe that God is raising up a generation who are hungry for his presence, and want to release his love and power in the earth through the gospel. 

dare to be bold


Training and Equipping

Before the ministry gifts were given to the body of Christ, Jesus called it power and authority. I believe that His power and authority wasn’t just for the disciples in the bible, but for those who believe the same works that he did. The disciples operated out of power and authority given by Jesus, but also the obedience to God’s word. You see, as a believer you have to ability to do what Jesus did, but many don’t believe and never attempt to step out and see God’s word confirmed in their lives just like the disciples. 


At Bold Life Academy you will learn how to overcome the fear of stepping out and applying God’s kingdom to the earth. We were called to step out of the four walls of the church and bring God’s Kingdom to earth. You will learn how to:


  • Heal the sick on the streets 
  • Cast out demons
  • Prophesy on the streets
  • Give words of knowledge
  • Share the Gospel on the streets
  • Operate of a Kingdom mindset

Bold Work. Bold Results.

acts 4:29

Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.

5 week 1-on-1 Sessions

1-on-1 sessions are tailored made to fit your personality and character. You will be given assignments according to your daily schedule that will empower you to walk in and with power everywhere you go. You will learn how to receive and give words of knowledge to people in the workplace, business and shopping centers.

5 week group sessions

Group sessions are more engaging and give the opportunity to apply what’s been taught during session. This will allow students to practice in a comfortable space before launching out on their own in the marketplace. Group sessions build a strong community of believers who are bold enough to step out and apply what God’s word has already said.

Conferences and Seminars

Bold Life Academy is a traveling ministry and is currently taking requests to train and equip churches and ministries in the NY, NJ, CT, and PA area. Imagine a full congregation of believers stepping out and walking in the power and authority of God on the streets and in the marketplace. Cities and counties would be turned upside down, just like in the book of Acts.

dare to be bold


I believe that true Revival is about to hit America like never before, but I believe it must begin with “YOU” first, released in the “HOME”, demonstrated in the “CHURCH” and lived out in your “CITY”. Revival is a constant “event” that happens inwardly every day, not just an annual event. If revival has to happen every year, then true revival hasn’t really occurred. Bold Life Ministries aims to see cities transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Revival topics include:


A Personal Revival


Reviving The Home


Reviving Holy Matrimony


Reviving Your City


Reviving The Church

dare to be bold

bold Work.
  bold Results.

what They’re Saying


Since I first messaged him [Donald] I read more in my everyday life (I didn’t expect that), I have been more aware of the world around me, purposeful in doing tasks the spirit leads me to do and developing a lifestyle to rely on the Holy Spirit at my job and school.

Our sessions are rich in foundational biblical knowledge, and he gives understanding to scriptures in a practical way to apply them in the world. He challenges you and gives you easy instructions with step by step application. Which was everything I needed for my spiritual capacity and lifestyle.

If you want to grow and do more significant works, contact Coach Donald for a session, you won’t be the same!

Shaniqua Lewis

Founder, Divine Works (Art Ministry)

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