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Donald Stevens Jr. – Founder

Donald is a minister, author, worship leader, teacher, but most of all a disciple of Christ. Donald grew up in the church scene his whole life, but something seemed to be missing. Playing music and serving the church gave him a sense of accomplishment but he knew God called him for a greater purpose.

Donald was called to the ministry by God at the age of 22, and the mission was simple: preach the Gospel at all cost with miracles, signs, and wonders following. In 2014 he began hitting the streets by the prompting of the Holy Spirit and began speaking to strangers on the streets about Jesus, and God began to show up with signs following. Donald began to see a major shift happening on the streets of New York and knew he couldn’t keep his experience to himself.

In 2015 Donald began teaching other believers in the Tri-State areas of NY, NJ and CT how step out boldly and preach the gospel with signs following according to Mark 16. Since than Donald has trained over 100 believers to heal the sick and has seen hundreds of people healed by God’s power and many others come to know the Lord as their personal savior.

Donald has a heart for people in need at every capacity of life and is determined to see lives change by God’s love and power.

    Arsenia Stevens – Co-Founder

    Arsenia Stevens is a wife, mother, and daughter of her heavenly father. Arsenia’s only desire is to fulfill God’s will in her life. Her whole life she has served in the church, working with the youth. At the age of 14, Arsenia accepted Jesus as her personal savior and has been serving her church community ever since.

    In 2007 Arsenia was exalted to Vice-President of the District of Connecticut, Ambassador for Christ Youth Association. After getting married in 2009 to her lovely husband, she stepped down from her position in Connecticut and moved to New York where she currently holds the office of Vice President of the Youth Group at Little Mount Zion Holy Church.

    She is also fluent in Spanish and translates for her husband when they travel. Arsenia’s desire is to see both cultures merge to impact communities and around the world. Arsenia has a great passion for the youth and believes that God will move upon this younger generation in a powerful way.

    Arsenia’s desire is to see God heal, deliver and set people free by the power of God. There is something special that happens when Arsenia and her husband come together. Arsenia knows that one experience from God can change your life, just as it did for her.

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